Homecoming Family Reunification

Housing and stability for parents and children to reunify and become a family again. 

Housing Reunification

Finding affordable and appropriate housing is often a primary barrier for children and families to be reunited together after parents complete all necessary requirements from the child welfare system. Homecoming is designed with this in mind. Utilizing Reliable Enterprises experience as an affordable housing provider since 2008, the program is uniquely prepared to assist families find 

Homecoming directly provides housing and case management services to families whose last barrier to reunification is a lack of affordable, appropriate housing.  

Extensive Case Management

Reliable Enterprises works with each family to create individualized, person centered plans for success. Our case managers focus on long-term stability as finding housing for families is just the first step toward success.

We assist families with financial resources such as rents & move in deposits, goal setting with progress benchmarks, reflecting on what success means to each family, and recognizing consequences before bad decisions are made. 

Residential Services

Long-term stability is key to success for families as finding housing is only the first step in the process. Future steps include:

  • Regular participation in our Rent Well Program
  • Employment Services for parents to find and maintain employment
  • Referrals for the In-Tot program for children ages 0-3 or Head Start for preschool services. 
  • Life skills training such as establishing basic household routines for cleaning, laundry, cooking and meal prep on a budget, first aid/CPR.

Learn More

For more information contact Debi Hood, Children & Youth Services Director (360) 736-9558 x 103 

Frequently Asked Questions

We can only receive referrals from the WA State Dept of Children, Youth and Families, Guardian Ad Litems, Attorneys, or Judges. Families must also have an open case with the child welfare system.

We can take 2-3 folks with similar goals. Individual outings are also an option if preferred.

Our focus is on the person we are employing. Through a custom employment plan and community mapping, we find the ideal setting for each individual. We also conduct practice interviews to set each person up for success. 

You can sign up for services through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), Foundations for Community Support, or the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). Once you are eligible for services, you can request Reliable Enterprises as your job coach. 

We pick up and drop off clients during their job search until they are hired. However, we can help find public transportation or community assistance before ending transportation. 

Community Inclusion provides all transportation. We have a lift van for individuals in wheelchairs.

Absolutely! Our job coaches will be there with you at every step along your journey. Each individual’s plan is different, but assistance may include weekly check-ins with you and your employer, crafting different work plans for you, or advocating for a different position when needed. 

Are you a landlord interested in the program?

Wonderful news! We are always searching for landlords to partner with us to provide our families with housing. Our staff is committed to our families and their continued success and will work with them if issues arise. Together we can give families their best chance for stability and success. 

For more information you can download the landlord packet or reach out to Debi Hood, Children & Youth Services Director.