Family Support Network

Support for families of disabled individuals.

Family Support Network

People with developmental disabilities deserve independence, respect, dignity, and opportunities to be active members of their community. The Family Support Network identifies these specific needs among disabled people and their families in Lewis County, and then advocates and provides resources for them.

We use Person Centered Planning to help families and providers coordinate services, education, and employment resources for improved quality of life. On a community level, we take the collective needs of our clients to policymakers. Through legislative action, the Family Support Network gives its clients a voice at local, state, and federal level, and helps create educational opportunities.

By providing a family’s perspective on policy issues and offering local presentations and workshops, we spread awareness and push for better acceptance and support within the community.

The Family Support Network also offers a Parent to Parent program. You can find out more about it here.

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For questions, contact our office at (360) 736-9558 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Any family with a member who is disabled. There are no age restrictions, and we will support you with or without an official diagnosis!

No referral is necessary.

Unfortunately, we only offer Family Support Network services to residents of Lewis County at this time.

How to get involved

Join our Parent to Parent group for more parent-led support, resources, and events. You may also contact our P2P coordinator, Shawna Haller, at (360) 520-9299 or