Housing Services

Reliable Enterprises offers a variety of housing-related services

Reliable Enterprises has permanent supported housing for individuals with developmental disabilities and Homeless Prevention with a focus toward successful Employment.  Reliable Enterprises has an employment program and collaborates with other area agencies.

Purpose & Values Statement


Reliable Enterprises recognizes the populations we serve come from diverse and adverse backgrounds.  The Organizational Values and Purpose of Reliable Enterprises are to provide services that, when acted upon, give people an opportunity for an enhanced quality of life as a contributing member of the community. 


Because resources are limited, we are compelled by the community to insure that these resources are provided to the individuals and families who will work as hard to help themselves as we work to provide them resources and opportunities.

Reliable Enterprises recognizes that the people we serve may continue to make destructive choices that affect themselves, their family, the community, and the agency in a negative manner.  If, after persistent counseling, support, intervention, and within a reasonable timeframe, substantial positive improvement has not been made, Reliable Enterprises may discontinue services.

For more information on availability at Reliable Place and Magnolia Place, or to access any of these services, contact:

Additionally, rental units may be available at Mt Vista Apartments, 2901 Mt. Vista Rd., Centralia.

For more information contact:



This month's Job-Seeker is an extremely well-qualified and experienced Librarian. With a Master and Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science, and a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology, this candidate has a solid educational foundation which, when combined with many years of experience, combine to make an impressive resume and an impressive well-educated prospective employee! For more information about this candidate or any of our other skilled and qualified candidates, please contact Julie or Sharon in Reliable Enterprises’ Employment Services Program at 360-736-9558 extension 108 or 109 We Make a Positive Difference in our Community!