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TV and Screen Time: Ideas for Providers and Parents

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January 10, 2013  |  Education, Special Needs  |  Comments Off on TV and Screen Time: Ideas for Providers and Parents  |  Share

Young people spend more time using media . TV, movies, music, computers, Internet, cell phones, magazines, and video games.than engaging in any other single activity except sleep. In addition, DVDs marketed for infants and toddlers imply that they will increase a baby’s vocabulary.

Medical providers can educate families in their practice about what we know about media exposure and how to limit their children’s time in front of a screen. It is especially important to share this information with parents of children with special health care needs. Babies below the age of 2 will not benefit from educational videos. Older children need a balanced approach to screen time. All children, with or without special needs, learn best from interaction, play and conversation, not from television and video. Find out how to introduce and integrate media exposure into your child’s life . . .

Working Parents

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February 2, 2012  |  Child Care, Family Support Network  |  Comments Off on Working Parents  |  Share

In the past, fathers were the only ones to work outside the home. The mom was busy working hard to raise the children, cook, clean, and take care of the house. Times have changed and a majority of families have two working parents. With the increase of cost of living, and health care it is the inevitable. Some mothers are stay at home moms and that is a full-time job.

The dynamics of the traditional families have changed. Both parents are away from home working. Someone still needs to get the groceries, pick up the children, clean the house, and prepare the meals. The children miss you so they are excited to talk to you and want your undivided attention. This is where the family dynamic is important . . .