Reliable Enterprises Programs

Anderson House Emergent Foster Home

Entering the foster care system for children can be a traumatic experience, but the Anderson House eases that transition with a home environment with dedicated staff. Children can be kids again without worrying where they will stay day to day until they can go back home with their family or into permanent placement.

Reliable Enterprises Visitation Services

Through referrals from Children’s Administration Social Workers, trained specialists set-up visits with birth parents, foster parents, social workers, GAL’s, and attorneys, per court order with the ultimate goal of reunifying families.

Family Support Network

Wrap around care is vital for the continued success of individuals and we offer ways to promote independence, respect, and dignity of people with developmental disabilities so they can be active members of their community.

Lewis County Head Start

Lewis County Head Start provides vulnerable children and families a safe, secure, and healthy place to learn and develop as they transition into the next stage of their lives. The growth period from 3-5 is paramount in our children’s lives and we give children the opportunity to thrive and grow in our learning environment.

Housing Services

Permanent housing is essential for people with developmental disabilities and those who are homeless as they progress in their lives. By providing opportunities for a stable home, we can assist people to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty and gain success in their lives.

Individually Supported Employment

Job developers assist finding employment for each person within a desired field as job coaches and employers wprk together on the job to ensure candidates are thoroughly trained for their new employment.


Birth to three years old is one of the most important times in a child’s life and we strive to provide free screenings to families, development services for children and parents, as well as present a fun atmosphere to learn and develop skills.

New Life Thrift Store

Partnership to improve availability of low-cost housing and employment options for disadvantaged members of the community through the selling of donated construction and home-related items.

Parent to Parent

Provides emotional support for parents of children with special needs and information about and referrals to community resources.


Organized by Lewis County People First. They provide a variety of inclusive and social opportunities to people with developmental disabilities/special needs.