Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, In-Tot is currently closed to the public. Teletherapy will be conducted when available. Thank you!

For more information please see our detail organizational response here.

Early Intervention

The Infant-Toddler Developmental Center

In-Tot has been active in Lewis County since 1981 and has served 500 children with developmental delays ages birth to three and their families.

Free developmental screenings are available in the child’s home, community setting (daycare) or at the program’s center. If further evaluations and subsequent therapy services are needed to enhance the child’s development, funding comes from a variety of sources (school district, county developmental disability dollars, medical coupons and private insurance). A Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) is available to help you find the services your child needs and answer any questions you might have.

In-Tot provides free screenings to look at how your child is learning and growing in their developmental areas of gross and fine motor, problem solving, communication, social and self help skills. If the screening shows an area of concern an evaluation is then done to further look at your child’s development.

To be eligible, a child must have a delay of 25% or show a 1.5 standard deviation below his or her age in one or more of the developmental areas. A child may also be eligible if he or she has a physical or mental condition, such as Down Syndrome, that is known to cause a delay in development. If your child is eligible for early intervention services, a Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) will help you develop an Individual Family Resource Plan (IFSP) that reflects your family’s concerns, interests and values.

If you have questions please contact us!