Employment Services

Employment Services

Training for people with disabilities at Reliable Enterprises uses several different approaches to ensure the best quality of employees for businesses and the best training opportunities for individuals.

This program trains adults with a developmentally disability, in a group or individual setting, for successful employment in the community. We offer these services throughout Lewis and Thurston County.

Each individual has input into what type of job they would like, and we evaluate the skills needed for that job and match accordingly.

Please contact Alicia (360) 736-9558 x 109 or alittle@reliableenterprises.org

Individually Supported Employment

This program is all about employment in the community. Ideally every person in the group program will eventually move through to this program, into community employment, and out of our program into a more independent life and contributing member of the community. We have job developers to help find work for each person within a desired field, and job coaches to work with the clients and employers on the job to make sure that candidates are thoroughly trained for their new jobs.

We have a partnership with Washington State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Services for the Blind, Department of Developmental Disabilities, and with Lewis County Developmental Disabilities in development of employment opportunities for clients.

We also provide ongoing support as needed for both clients and employers. This training and support is provided at no cost to employers.

For more information contact Alicia (360) 736-9558 x 109 or alittle@reliableenterprises.org