Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors dedicate their time and energy ensuring Reliable Enterprises continues growing and developing community resources for disabled youth and adults as they become successful members in society. We would like to graciously thank them for their donated time, money, and energy!

Board of Directors

Bill Anholt – Chair
United States Air Force-Retired
Member since: 2016

Mike Vinatieri – Vice Chair
Lewis County Environmental Services-Retired
Member since: 1993

Dale McBeth – Secretary/Treasurer
Attorney at Law
Member since: 1986

Shelley Winkelhausen
Key Bank
Member since: 2014

Viki Draper
Centralia College-Retired
Member Since: 2001

Angela French
United Way of Lewis County
Member since: 2011

Tom Nicholas, CPA
Tom Nicholas CPA Inc.
Member since: 2015

Al Soderquist

Member since: 2019

Officers/Executive Committee

Bill Anholt – Chairman
Elected – 2017

Mike Vinatieri – Vice Chair
Elected – 2005

Dale McBeth – Secretary/Treasurer
Elected – 2005

Audit Committee

Brett Mitchell – Executive Director
Lauri Denney – Chief Financial Officer
Tom Nicholas – Board Member

Housing Committee

Brett Mitchell – Executive Director
Dale McBeth – Board Member
Mike Vinatieri – Board Member